Southern Fried Radio announces departure of Christopher Seaton

Long time contributor, Christopher Seaton, has announced his departure from Southern Fried Radio. He cites that he would like to pursue other creative endeavors. He leaves his post as the host of Southern Fried Radio’s news and politics show, The Sit Down. Fault Lines Radio will also be leaving the Southern Fried Radio Network.


‘I can not stress how disappointed I am in this development.’, said Southern Fried Radio Director, Aaron Campbell. ‘Chris has been a part of this since day 1 after That Midday Show was announced. His decision to leave is one that I am not fond of, but I wish him the best.’


In a statement released on his Periscope, Seaton had this to say, ‘This was not an easy decision for me to make. This was not really a thing I wanted to do, but I am grateful for the time, energy and effort that my producer, Aaron Campbell and the entire Southern Fried Radio Network put in. I think three season was a wonderful thing and I am incredibly grateful to Aaron Campbell for allowing me to pursue this thing that needs to be pursued. “


The Sit Down will continue as we being the search for a new host. An interim host for The Sit Down will be named in the coming days.


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